A new focus of Energy & Utility’s conservation and efficiency programs is the Delta Force process.  Delta Force is a cross-functional team-based approach to retro-commissioning existing buildings with a focus on energy and water conservation.  Each building’s Delta Force Team includes members of the E&U Sustainability Team, area maintenance staff, the building coordinator, and external support professionals with expertise in commissioning and HVAC system testing and balancing. 


For most buildings, the bulk of the Delta Force process takes between 12 and 15 months and focuses on the following:
  • A comprehensive assessment of building control systems, including a point-to-point check of all monitored systems including the building automation system (BAS).
  • An engineering assessment of all HVAC system components, including air handler units, exhaust systems and hoods, enthalpy recovery devices, supply pipes, valves, ducts and air distribution systems.
  • The operation of VAV and terminal boxes throughout the building including  area-specific pressurization, air exchange rates and when possible, occupant comfort.
  • Lighting retrofits including the replacement of all 32 Watt T8 fluorescent lamps with 25 Watt lamps that have no more than 2mg of mercury.
  • The installation of water flow restrictors in restrooms.