DERlightbulb.jpg   Dorm Energy Race Video Competition
October 15-November 12th
The Dorm Energy Race is a month long competition between dorms to reduce energy consumption. Make a video on how you plan to save energy and win prizes!
·         Include a strategy/idea about how your dorm will save energy during the Dorm Energy Race (Oct. 15th-Nov.12th)
·         Your video can be no longer than 2 minutes
·         It must include at least one first year
·         Keep it classy, but be as creative as you want
·         Humor is always appreciated
·         More than one video can be submitted from each dorm (make as many videos as your dorm wants, the more ideas the better!)

How videos will be judged:
·         Your video must receive the most likes on Facebook, so get all  of your dormmates  and RAs to like your video on the U.Va. Sustainability Facebook page
·         Extra points will be awarded to the dorm that comes up with the most creative way to save energy

How to submit:
·         Please post your videos onto YouTube and then email the video link to
If your video meets all of the requirements for the competition, it will be posted onto the U.Va. Sustainability Facebook page where people can then like it

Who can participate?:
·         All first year dorms and their RAs and any other U.Va. students that want to help a first year dorm

·         All video entries must be submitted by November 12th by 11:59pm.

·         Prizes will be awarded to the top three videos submitted
·         Winners of the video competition will be invited to the Dorm Energy Race Winner’s party to receive their recognition and prizes along with lots of free food and dessert!
·         All videos from the competition will be shown at the DER Winner’s Party

Did you know that buildings account for 39% of all the energy consumption in the US?
If all of us cut our energy use, we can have a direct impact on cutting our carbon emissions.