Sustainability Advocacy

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The Sustainability Advocacy program helps students on Grounds learn about sustainability efforts at UVa. The 50 student volunteers promote programs, educate peers and help grow UVa’s green efforts. We have Sustainability Advocates (SAs) for all first-year dorms, upper-class dorms, residential colleges, dining halls and libraries.  SAs meet with us every other week, and educate their residents on sustainability issues throughout the school year. We are accepting applications for the 2013-14 academic year.
Sustainability Advocate Fall 2013 Meeting Times: Every other Monday (Starting Sept. 23) at 5PM
Location: TBA
Have any questions? Contact Nina Morris at
How to Apply:
Fill out the Sustainability Advocate Form by Friday, September 13th at 11:59PM.


Overview and History

UVA Recycling first implemented the Recycling Coordinator Program in the fall of 2000. Thirteen years later, the program has developed into the "Sustainability Advocacy Program" to reflect the broadening scope of sustainability at UVa. The Sustainability Advocates (SAs) are selected by the Sustainability Outreach Coordinator and the Student Outreach Team Leader to represent each residence hall and off-grounds housing at UVa.


         Increase awareness and participation in sustainable initiatives at UVa.

         Serve as liaisons between the student body and UVa Sustainability.

         Collect concerns and questions regarding recycling and conservation issues from their fellow residents.

         Promote, educate and staff sustainable events on grounds.


         Participate in bi-weekly meetings to discuss events, raise questions and gather information related to sustainability at UVa.

         Report announcements and information from UVa Sustainability at weekly House or Areas Council meetings held in the SA’s residence

         Work with Sustainability Students to run dorm-specific events by encouraging participation of fellow residents through creative promotion and

        organizing groups within respective residencies.

        Volunteer for grounds-wide events such as Earth Week, World Water Day and America Recycles Day.